SAF P (Disposable Pleated Filters)


SAF P filters are disposable type pleated panels which offers extended surface filtration, to suit     
  a wide variety of HVAC applications including hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, food processing units, etc.
The filter media is an exclusive grade of nonwoven cotton/polyester blend supported by a diamond
wire grid lamination having 98% open area.
A large filter surface is provided by pleating the media which forms to a radial V design toensure
board frame with diagonal support on both sides.


First stage filter in air handling units and as pre-filter to higher efficiency filters.
Classification G4 according to EN779:2012.
Available with cardboard galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel frames.
Available in 50mm and 100mm thickness.
Rounded pleats for a maximum capacity of dust retention and facilitate airflow through the media.
Fully supported media bonded onto a wire support grid. Tailored sizes.

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