SAF V-Bank (Mini Pleat Rigid High Efficiency)


SAF V-Bank filters are designed specifically for critical applications that require high efficiency particulate air filtration. Mini-pleated micro-glass fiber provides the ultimate filtration.
The mini-pleat filters consist of closely pleated media, positively spaced using thermosetting beads. This type of media packs result in low pressure drop and energy conservation.

Product MainFeatures<:
1 For using in electronic, pharmaceutical, hospitals, laboratory, clean rooms and other critical applications.
2 Available in filter class H13 and H14 according to EN1822:2009.
3 Extended media area.
4 High air flow.
5 Individually tested.

The standard frame construction includes ABS, galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel.
This filter is widely used to replace all conventional aluminum separator HEPA filters and other high efficiency HEPA products.
he finished filter undergoes a thorough quality checking. They are scan tested individually to ensure a leak proof performance in accordance with EN1822 and delivered together with the corresponding test certificate.